Return to School

Muhammadiyah Australia College 2023 Academic Year


After going through the 2-day orientation where they met their new teachers and friends, today our students return to the core business they are good at; learning. They have settled in quickly and changed their holiday mode to study mode in no time at all. We are very excited about the growing number and quality of our students this year and we can see the same excitement from our students and parents too.

We are committed and will continue to do our best, bi idznillah, to deliver quality education, both formal and Islamic, to our students. The tagline, ‘School of Akhlaq, School of Ihsan’, is not just an empty slogan, but it is a value that drives our whole school community from the admin, staff, students, and parents.

May Allah help us to keep our intention pure and strong and to remain steadfast in our efforts.