Muhammadiyah Distributes Family Kits for the Turkey Earthquake-affected People


MUHAMMADIYAH.OR.ID, JAKARTA — A 7.8-magnitude quake striking Turkey and Syria killed and injured thousands of people, and the number continues to rise. Many people can’t be rescued still because of being buried in ruins.

Director of Utilization and Distribution of Lazismu (the Muhammadiyah zakat management body) Upik Rahmawati said that Muhammadiyah through Lazismu sent the first term of Muhammadiyah aid to the Muhammadiyah Special Branch (PCIM) of Turkiye. The aid was family kits consisting of food and supporting equipment to survive during winter.

Alhamdulillah, Lazismu sent to provide family kits. We gave operational aid for Muhammadiyah volunteers there,” said Upik on Thursday (9/2).

“The family kits comprise socks, gloves, thick shirts, pants, underwear, sanitary napkins, boots, headscarves, toothbrushes, food packages, and others,” mentioned Upik.

Lazismu will also support the departure of an emergency medical team (EMT) to Turkey. “The Indonesian government currently requested Muhammadiyah to deploy an EMT to Turkey,” said Upik.

Meanwhile, the Head of Lazismu of the PCIM Turkiye Ahmad Dhiyaul Haq informed that his party is gathering data. The PCIM Turkiye is coordinating with the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) of Turkey to avoid overlapping aid distribution. “We also prepare aid for female Indonesian students,” said Upik.

The aid would be distributed to Karahmanmaras, Gaziantep, whose aftermath was grave. Besides, Lazismu sent 20 vests, 20 Muhammadiyah Aid t-shirts, and flags to strengthen Lazismu branding. The aid was sent through a member of the PCIM Turkiye who will go to Turkey to pursue his study.