1) We work towards performing good deeds and strive to create peace and prosperity together

2) We develop and cultivate a feeling of friendship and connectivity by strengthening the ties of Islamic brotherhood

3) We are open minded and have a pragmatic world view, whilst firmly upholding and adhering to our Islamic Faith and Values

4) We are both religious and social

5) We abide by all appropriate laws, constitutions and regulations and work within the legal and social framework of the legitimate nation state and its representative Governments and legal bodies

6) We champion and advocate for what is right and forbid and combat wrongdoing in all fields of life and strive towards being exemplary role-models

7) We are active in community building and development, including in the pursuit of reconciliation and advancement which is in accordance with our Islamic Values

8) We collaborate and work in partnership with any Muslim or Islamic group and will support attempts to peacefully spread and increase the practice of Islam, and will support interests that are aligned with our Islamic values

9) We will assist and support the Government and cooperate with other like minded organisations in establishing and developing the capability and economic capacity of the community and assist like minded stakeholders in advancing our vision of a just prosperous society

10) We embody fairness, equality and justice towards all, and act with integrity, self awareness and mindfulness, and will respectfully correct ourselves, and others in a considered and respectful manner